Quality Management System

The implementation of a quality assurance policy, in full compliance with international standards, represents a modernisation of Camões, I.P’s services with the aim of improving administrative rationalisation and efficiency and reinforcing its organisational culture based on the comprehensive involvement of all employees, as well as satisfying its partners with the provision of public services in complete accordance with ISO 9001 requirements.

Quality management is considered an added-value that allows the Institute to ensure that investments contribute to a sustainable improvement of the living conditions of populations in partner countries, as well as teaching and spreading the Portuguese language and culture around the world.

Camões, I.P. sees itself as an educational institution where evaluation is considered to be an integral part of its activity, under the double perspective of continuous improvement and accountability regarding the accomplishment of its mission, in full compliance with all necessary regulations and legal requirements.

With the active participation of everyone involved, key procedures were systematised in 21 RPs which, in addition to administrative support, cover Camões I.P’s main areas of activity, namely co-operation, language and culture, thus making it possible to clarify the separation of duties and the co-responsibility of all employees, as well as improving the level of internal co-ordination by reducing the duplication of duties and increasing complementary activities between services.

Camões, I.P. has held the NP EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate since 2015.

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Camões, I.P.
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