Formar Mais – Continuing Education for Teachers

East Timor

Sector: Education

Partners: Camões, I.P., Ministry of Education of the Democratic Republic of East Timor, Instituto Nacional de Formação de Docentes e Profissionais da Educação (INFORDEPE); University of Aveiro

Budget/duration: EUR 6.2 million/24 months

Aim of Intervention

To support the academic and professional training of teaching staff and other people working in the education system, as well as helping to improve the scientific, technical, educational and Portuguese language skills of school teachers and directors in 3rd-grade primary and secondary school education.

In 3rd-grade primary school education, the main focus of the project is the proficiency of the Portuguese language of 371 teachers at 10 schools across all subjects. This important intervention aims to improve the comprehension of 7th, 8th and 9th year subjects taught by 55 teachers in the Portuguese language.

Concerning secondary school education, the project involves 716 teachers from a variety of subjects, including secondary school education (general and business), in order to improve their skills in the respective areas of their training.

Furthermore, specialised training courses for management and school administration are being run for 22 directors and 22 assistant directors at 10 schools in the 3rd grade of primary school education and 12 schools in general secondary school education.