Quality Teaching Programme in Guinea-Bissau


Sector: Education

Partners: Ministry of Education of Guinea-Bissau and Fundação Fé e Cooperação

Budget/duration: EUR 6.2 million/48 months

Aim of Intervention

To improve the quality and efficiency of the educational system in Guinea Bissau by improving the standard of teaching from nursery school to primary school level, including the point where the Portuguese language is introduced for the first time. The project also involves capacity building, autonomy and accountability in schools, as well as increasing the responsibility of families and communities relating to their school’s performance and the integration of values related to both individual and collective rights in all training activities.

This project focuses on the training of primary, secondary and third cycle school teachers with a total of 2,400 Guinea Bissau teachers, along with the improvement of the teaching skills of about 500 teachers from nursery school level. Parallel to this, it provides assistance for 200 schools with the implementation of school management and administrative procedures guidebook.