Support Programme to Secondary Education in Angola – Saber Mais


Sector: Education

Partners: Ministry of Education of the Republic of Angola; Ministry of Education and Science of Portugal; Provincial Directorates of Education in Benguela, Namibe, Cabinda and Malange; Escola de Formação de Professores and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Budget/duration: EUR 5,1 million/48 months

Aim of Intervention

To support the education sector as a driving force in the process of reforming the national educational system and the national training plan for supervisory staff in the Republic of Angola.

The project aims to upgrade the quality of teaching and improve the use of human resources through the training of teachers and technical staff employed by the Angolan Ministry of Education (MED), as well as provide support from Portuguese teachers working at the country’s educational organisations, regional directorates and the central MED offices. 

The programme is currently in its second phase, which covers the period from nursery school to the 13th grade and professional training.   

The Saber Mais project is running in the provinces of Benguela, Namibe, Cabinda and, since the beginning of 2016, Malanje, having already involved about 2,000 students.