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Teaching Portuguese Abroad - Co-ordination -
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Teaching Portuguese Abroad - Co-ordination

There are no Teaching Portuguese Abroad - Co-ordination available in this country.

Associated Schools and Centres

There are no Associated Schools and Centres available in this country.

Portuguese Language Centres

There are no Portuguese Language Centres available in this country.

Academic Chairs

There are no Academic Chairs available in this country.


Universidade de Argel 2

Nome Protocolo de Cooperação com a Universidade de Argel
Cidade Argel
Instituição Universidade de Argel 2
Leitora Isabel Frausto
Morada Universidade de Argel
2 rue Djamel Eddine El Afghani em Bouzaréah - Argel 
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

IMG 20200331 124919 

Universidade de Argel 2


Portuguese Cultural Centres

There are no Portuguese Cultural Centres available in this country.

Co-operation Units

There are no Co-operation Units available in this country.
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