África do Sul

Obras de autores estrangeiros, ou portugueses, sobre temas e figuras da Cultura Portuguesa publicadas na África do Sul.


Edições Apoiadas pelo Camões, I.P. / ex-Instituto Camões


  • Short Stories from Mozambique. Org. Richard Bartlett. Joanesburgo, Cosaw Publishing, 1995, 278 p., inglês. (Edição apoiada pelo Instituto Camões)


Outras Edições


António da Silva Rego
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Brian Fagan
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Carlos Freire de Andrade
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Charles Francis Spence
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Charles Ralph Boxer, 1904-2000
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D. P. Abraham
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Eric Axelson, 1913-1998
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George MacCall Theal
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Gerald Jacob Bender
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Jill R. Dias
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Joye L. Bowman
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Leslie Reginald Cox
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M. Van Wyk Smith
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Michael Morris
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Ockert Jacobus Olivier Ferreira, 1940-
  • Sagres & Suiderkruis. Raakpunte tussen Portugal en Suid-Afrika deur vyf eeue. Gordonsbaai, Adamastor, 2009, 387 p., il.
Olga Hattenbach
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Solomon Seruya
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