Portuguese Language Training

Camões, I.P. runs the following priority programmes for the development of the Portuguese language, as used by about 240 million people:

  • Initial training of teachers of Portuguese with undergraduate qualifications;
  • Continuous training of teachers, whether under distance, hybrid or on-site learning;
  • Linguistic training of future personnel for multiple professional areas, from medicine to international relations, economics to law, amongst others;
  • Initial and continuous training for translators and interpreters;
  • Research and post-graduate studies specialising in the areas of literature and other arts, history and sociology of the populations of Portuguese language users.

Training for teachers

Camões, I.P. provides the initial training of teachers of Portuguese abroad, whether as a foreign or a second language.

For Portuguese as a foreign language, Camões, I.P. provides support to 225 courses. Teachers with Portuguese as a second language can find Camões, I.P. lectureships interacting with 14 courses in this area, teaching on average about 5,000 students per year.

Camões, I.P. also runs on-site or hybrid continuous training of Portuguese language teachers in Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique, at 49 training nuclei, with a total average per year of 125 trainers and 1,800 trainees who teach Portuguese to a universe of about 350,000 students at primary and secondary level.

Camões, I.P. provides the initial training of teachers of Portuguese abroad, whether as a foreign or a second language

Training for professionals

Camões, I.P. runs specific training for:

  • Public administration officers and security and defence forces, in co-operation programmes between Portugal and other countries;
  • Permanent staff, technical and administrative personnel working for international and regional bodies, namely the African Union, Southern Africa Development Community, West Africa Economic Community and, in the financial context, the African Development Bank;
  • Diplomats;
  • Permanent staff from companies with Portuguese capital and with Portuguese as a working, legal, diplomatic and business language.

Training for translators and interpreters

Camões, I.P. co-operates with European, African, Asian and American universities, as well as international organizations in training programmes for translators and interpreters, contributing to the status of Portuguese as a language of global communication in its own right.