Engage with us

The activity of Camões, I.P. is materialised by the establishment and reinforcement of institutional partnerships, with the engagement of the public and professionals from all sectors. 

Institutional partnerships can result in funding and co-funding of different projects, together with interventions and their implementation.  

Members of the public can engage themselves with a global citizenship perspective and they too can assume an active role as volunteers and experts, given that development co-operation is a priority in public policy.

One of the advantages of Portuguese co-operation is certainly the value and motivation of its human capital in relation to the conduct of co-operation actions, especially with the Portuguese-speaking countries. 

Co-operation volunteers, promoted by national social and/or religious organisations, play a very important part. 

It is therefore necessary to create legal conditions and mechanisms that allow the professional integration of the voluntary availability of individuals who wish to participate or collaborate in such projects. In this respect, two particularly available target audiences, in terms of their professional careers, have to be addressed to participate more temporally in these projects: young persons and retired persons, senior citizens..