Project support

Having a strong civil society is important for the construction and development of democracies and serves as a permanent test of a society’s sensitivity regarding issues such as poverty, gender inequality and free access to education. Increasingly, NGDOs are assisting development as partners, which is reflected by the growing number of projects supported by the Institute.

Since 2002, civil society’s dynamism and its increasing importance has resulted (in the context of financing development co-operation projects) in the co-funding of 499 projects carried out by 40 NGDOs to the total sum of €34,845,107.39.

The following projects were funded (by location and in alphabetical order):

Camões, I.P. offers a wide range of support for NGDOs and the Portuguese co-operation finds its priorities defined in the “Strategic Concept of Portuguese Co-operation 2014-2020”, which was approved by the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 17/2014 dated the 27th of February, namely: governance, rule of law, human rights, human development and global public resources; institutional capacity building; security and development; science and education; health; the environment (ecological growth and energy); rural development and the sea; employment, social protection and inclusion; and the private sector.

Here we can find a graphic diagram of the support provided to NGDOs since 2002 (in the context of financing development co-operation projects), as well as the corresponding list of projects supported since 2002, with the possibility to search by entity, number of projects by country, total amounts by country and the different sectors supported.  

A number of projects in many different countries rely on Camões, I.P. co-funding, a summary of which can be accessed by clicking on the links below which provide relevant information relating to their implementation. It should be noted that some of these projects are also co-funded by the European Union for which the European Comission form was used, in accordance with the current regulatory framework.


The application process for projects co-financed by Camões, I.P., in the area of the NGDO development co-operation projects, is in accordance with the rules and regulations set out for this purpose (see Applications for Funding).