Auditing is carried out in an independent, objective and consultative manner, constituting a process that involves human resources and sections of the Institute’s management. Its purpose is to contribute to:

  • The overall effectiveness and efficiency of the Institute’s services in accordance with an established set of objectives;
  • The streamlining of the internal communication process across the range of Camões, I.P. services;
  • The reliability of operational and financial data;
  • Improving internal control and self-correction of the system;
  • Strengthening management’s responsibilities at all levels, in particular by ensuring full compliance of policies, objectives, plans, rules and regulations;
  • The implementation of effective management and comprehensive risk control.

Auditing covers all of Camões, I.P.’s actitivities and others for which it is responsible. Its function is to measure the level of achievement of each of the Institute’s established objectives whilst at the same time ensuring the highest quality and most efficient use of available resources.

The auditing services work very closely with Camões, I.P.’s other services in order to create joint solutions and implement instruments and models designed to improve the Institute’s management performance.

Key documents


Internal Auditing Reports
External auditing reports

No External Auditing Reports have been produced since the merger of IPAD with the Camões Institute, so the archived information is the most up-to-date that we have available. (Documents and Reports - History)