Who We Are

Camões I.P. is a public institute, integrated in the indirect administration of the State, with administrative and financial autonomy and its own assets.


  • To propose and implement the Portuguese co-operation policy;
  • To co-ordinate activities of cooperation organised by other public entities;
  • To propose and implement education and dissemination policies relating to the Portuguese language and culture internationally;
  • To ensure the management of the Portuguese educational network abroad in primary, secondary and higher education;
  • To support the recruitment of local teachers abroad in partnership with higher education institutions and international organisations;
  • To promote the internationalisation of Portuguese culture.


Camões I.P. aims for excellence in all aspects regarding the co-ordination of Portuguese foreign policy in the areas of international co-operation and the promotion of the Portuguese language and culture as instruments for its global influence and the pursuit of its interests.

Its main organisational goal is centred on the modernisation of services based on sound management working towards fixed objectives and results in line with a culture of collaboration and shared values.

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The Camões, I.P. ethics code is based on the principles of equality, impartiality, transparency, integrity and the careful allocation of public resources based on the following fundamental values:

  • Excellence through precision, quality, efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Truth, integrity and transparency;
  • Equitability, impartiality and justice;
  • Quality and work productivity, equal opportunities, non-discrimination and the fair treatment of people.

Areas of Expertise

The responsibilities of Camões, IP are determined in articles 3, paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 of Decree-Law no. 21/2012, January 30. Order no. 194/2012, June 20 and Resolution no. 1201/2012, August 30 determine the organisation of Camões, I.P. and set out the specific responsibilities and competencies for each organisational unit.

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Camões in Numbers

‘Camões in Numbers’ presents a set of indicators that mirror the activities of Camões, I.P. in its main areas of expertise: Co-operation, Language and Culture.

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Environmental Sustainability

Being wholly aware of the need to adopt public policies aimed at reducing its environmental impact, Camões, I.P. seeks to address the current needs of economic development through the implementation and adoption of ecologically responsible practices.

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