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Works by foreign authors, or Portuguese, on themes and figures of Portuguese Culture published in United Kingdom.


Edições Apoiadas pelo Camões, I.P. / ex-Instituto Camões


Barbara von Barghain
  • Jan van Eyck and Portugal’s “Illustrious Generation”. Londres, The Pindar Press, 2013, 863 p. (Edição apoiada pelo Camões, I.P.)
Paul Hyland
  • Babel Guide to the Fiction of Portugal, Brazil and Africa in English Translation. Londres, Boulevard Books, 1995, 162 p. (Edição apoiada pelo Instituto Camões)
  • Álvaro Siza / Eduardo Souto de Moura with Cecil Balmond – ARUP. Londres, Serpentine Gallery, 2005, 141 p., il. (Edição apoiada pelo Instituto Camões)
  • Portuguese at Leeds - A Selection of Essays from the Annual Semana Portuguesa. Org. Lisa Jesse. Leeds, Trinity and All Saints College/University of Leeds, 1995, 227 p., português/inglês. (Edição apoiada pelo Instituto Camões)
  • Portuguese Studies. (Revista). Londres, Modern Humanities Research Association, 1993-2004. (Edição apoiada pelo Instituto Camões)
  • Portuguese, Brazilian and African Studies – Studies Presented to Clive Willis on His Retirement. Warminster, Aris & Phillips, 1995, 410 p., português/inglês. (Edição apoiada pelo Instituto Camões)
  • Reflections by Tem Portuguese Photographers. Ed. / trad. Amanda Hopkinson. Londres, Frontline/ Portugal 600, 1996, 116 p., il. (Edição apoiada pelo Instituto Camões)


Outras Edições


A. David Francis
  • John Methuen and the Anglo-Portuguese treaties of 1703. Londres, [s.n.], «Historical Journal», Vol. 3, 1960, pp. 103-124
A. J. R. Russell-Wood
  • World on the move (A). The Portuguese in Africa, Asia, and America, 1415-1808. Manchester, Carcanet, 1988, 290 p., il.
Abdur Rahim Khondkar
  • The Portuguese contribution to Bengali prose, grammar and lexicography. Londres, 1976, XIV+292+5 p. Tese de Doutoramento em Filosofia, University of London, 1976.
Alan F. C. Ryder
  • Materials for West African history in Portuguese archives. Londres, Athlone Press, 1965, VI+92 p.
Albert M. Hyamson
  • Sephardim of England (The). A history of the spanish and Portuguese jewish community - 1492-1951. Londres, Methuen & Co, 1951, XII+468 p., il.
Alexander James Donald D'Orsey
  • Colloquial Portuguese or the words and phrases of every-day life. Londres, Kegan Paul Trench Trübner, 1895, VIII+126+24 p.
  • Portuguese discoveries dependencies and missions in Asia and Africa. Londres, W. H. Allen & Co., 1893, XVI+434 p.
Alexander James Donald D'Orsey / Marcelliano R. de Mendonça
  • Practical grammar of Portuguese and English (A). In the form of progressive exercises, so planned as to exhibit a complete comparison of the idiomatic peculiarities of both languages / Grammatica prática de Portuguez e Inglez. Em forma de exercicios que gradualmente vencem as dificuldades a apresentam uma confrontação de ambas as linguas. Londres, Rolandi / Lisboa, Bertrand, 1859, 242 p., português/inglês
Alfred Weld, Reverend
  • Dictionary of the Portuguese language (A). Portuguese-english, english-Portuguese. Londres, Crosby Lockwood and Son, 1930, IV+606 p.
  • Grammar of the Portuguese language (A). Londres, Cresby Lookwood and Son, 1903, 1 vol.
  • Suppression of the society of Jesus in the Portuguese dominion (The). Londres, Burns and Oates, 1877, XLIV+384 p.
Amélia Pereira Hutchinson
  • European relations of Portuguese arthurian literature. Manchester, University of Manchester, 1984, 245 p.
Anders Ljungstedt
  • Historical sketch of the Portuguese settlements in China and of the Roman Catholic Church and mission in China (An). A supplementary chapter description of the city of Canton. Hong Kong, Viking Hong Kong Publications, 1992, 280 p., 3 desdobráveis
Andrew Halliday
  • Observations on the present state of the Portuguese army, as organised by liutenant-general sir William Carr Beresford... Londres, Printed for John Murray, 1811, 8+149+18 p., il.
  • Present state of Portugal, and of the Portuguese army: with an epitome of the ancient history of that kingdom (The). Edimburgo, G. R. Clarke, 1812, X+439 p.
Anthony Francis Allison
  • English translations from the Spanish and Portuguese to the year 1700. An annotated catalogue of the extant printed versions. Londres, Dawsons of Pall Mall, 1974, 224 p.
Anthony R. Disney, 1938-
  • History of Portugal and the Portuguese Empire from beginnings to 1807 (A). Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2009, 2 vols., il., mapas
  • Twilight of the pepper empire. Portuguese trade in southwest India in the early seventeenth century. Londres, Harvard University Press, 1978, IX+220+2 p.
Anthony Vieyra, Transtagano
  • Dictionary of the Portuguese and English languages (A). Londres, F. Wingrave, 1794, 2 vols.
  • Dictionary of the Portuguese and English languages (A). Londres, Typ. Luke Hansard, 1805, 2 vols.
  • Dictionary of the Portuguese and English languages (A). Londres, J. Colling Wood, 1827, 2 vols.
Anthony Watson
  • Juan de la Cueva and the Portuguese succession. Londres, Tamesis Books, 1971, XII+280 p.
António Almodovar
  • History of Portuguese economic thought (A). Londres, Routledge, 1998, VI+144 p.
António Diniz da Cruz e Silva
  • Canto V of the "Hyssope". Trad. Edgar Prestage. Londres, John Haywood, «Manchester Quarterly», April 1890, 8 p.
António Ribeiro Saraiva, 1800-1890
  • Memorandum d'une conference de A. R. Saraiva avec Lord Grey le 20 Decembre, 1833 sur le meilleur moyen de pacifier le Portugal...suivi de Une lettre a S. A. M. le prince d'Esterhazy. Londres, Simpkins, 1847, 59 p.
Archibald Lyall
  • Black and white make brown. An account of a journey of the Cape Verde Islands and Portuguese Guinea. Londres / Toronto, William Heinemann, 1938, X+303 p., il.
Aubrey Fitz Gerald Bell
  • Oxford book of Portuguese verse : XIIth century-XXth century (The). Oxford, at the Clarendon Press, 1925, XXIX+3+320 p.
  • Portugal and the Portuguese. Londres, Isaac Pitman and Sons, 1915, X+268 p., il., 1 mapa desdobr.
  • Portuguese Literature. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1922, 375 p.
  • Studies in Portuguese literature. Oxford, B. H. Blackwell, 1914, XVIII+247 p.
Augusto Ribeiro, 1853-1913
  • Portugal et l'oeuvre internationale cotonnière (Le). Rapport de la Commissio Officielle Portugaise (extrait). Manchester, Thiel & Tangye, 1910, 24 p.
Aurora Rodrigues
  • Evolution of the north Portuguese coast in the coast in the last 18,000 years. Londres, Quaternary Internacional, «Quaternary International», Vol. 9, 1991, pp. 67-74
Bernard J. Callinan
  • Independent company. The 2/2 and 2/4 Australian Independent Companies in Portuguese Timor, 1941-1943. Introductory chapter Nevil Shute. Londres, William Heinemann, 1953, XXXIII+235 p., 44 p. il., mapas
Bruno da Ponte
  • Last to leave (The). Portuguese colonialism in Africa. Londres, International Defense and Aid Fund, 1974, 75 p.
C. A. le P. Power
  • Power's guide to the island of Madeira. The pride of Portugal. Londres, George Philip, 195, VIII+92+8+XXIII p., 5 desdobráveis, il.
C. W. Francis Harrison
  • Trade, industries, products & resources of South Africa and adjacent territories (The). A handbook of commercial, industrial & general information relating to the Union of South Africa, South-West Africa, Rhodesia (S. & N.) and Portuguese East Africa (Lourenço Marques, Beira & Hinterlands).Woodchester, Arthur’s Press, 1924, 543 p., il.
Carlos França
  • An early Portuguese contribution to tropical medicine. Trad. Clifford Dobell, «Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene», Vol. 15, Nº 1, 1921, 4 p.
Cecil H. Kisch
  • Portuguese bank note case . The story and solution of a financial perplexity (The). Londres, MacMillan, 1932, IX+284 p., il.
Charles David Ley
  • Portuguese voyages : 1498-1663. Londres, J.M. Dent & Sons / Nova Iorque, E.P. Dutton, 1947, XXII+360 p.
Charles F. Rey
  • Romance of the Portuguese in Abyssinia (The). Londres, H. F. and G. Witherby, 1929, 319 p., 18 p. il.
Charles Julian Bishko
  • Spanish and Portuguese monastic history, 600-1300. Londres, Valiorum Reprints, 1984, IV+175 p.
Charles Oman
  • Wellington plate Portuguese service (The). / A baixela Wellington. Londres, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1954, 11+28 p., il.
Charles Ralph Boxer, 1904-2000
  • Affair of the "Madre de Deus", a chapter in the history of the Portuguese in Japan (The). Londres, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., Ltd., 1929, 94 p., il.
  • Captain João Ribeiro and his History of Ceilon, 1622-1693. Londres, «Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society», April 1955, 12 p., il.
  • Chinese attack on Malacca in 1629, as described in contemporary Portuguese sources (The). Ed. by John Bastin and R. Roolvink. Oxford, «Malayan and Indonesian Studies», 19--, pp. 105-222, il.
  • Colour question in the Portuguese empire, 1415-1825 (The). Oxford, Oxford University Press, «Procedings of the British Academy», Nº 47, 1961, pp. 113-138, il.
  • Edgar Prestage, 1869-1951. Oxford, Oxford University Press, «Proceedings of the British Academy», Nº 44, 1959, pp. 200-205, il.
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  • Fidalgo in the Far East 1708-1726. Antonio Albuquerque Coelho in Macao (A). Londres, «The Far Eastern Quartely», August, 1946, pp. 387-410
  • Naval actions between the Portuguese and dutch in India 1654. Londres, [s.n.], «The Marine Mirror», Vol. 14, Nº 3 (Jul. 1928), pp. 242-258, il.
  • Notes on the Portuguese trade in Japan during the Kwanei period (1624-1643). Londres, [s.n.], 193-, 31 p, 1 f. desdobr.
  • Portuguese and Spanish rivalry in the Far East during the 17th Century. Londres, «Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society», Dez. 1946 e Abril 1947, pp. 150-164, pp. 91-105, il.
  • Portuguese commercial voyages to Japan three hundred years ago 1630-1639. Londres, «The Transactions of the Japan Society of London», Vol. 31, 193-, pp. 27-77, il.
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  • South China in the sixteenth century. Being the narratives of Galeote Pereira, Fr. Gaspar da Cruz, O.P., Fr. Martín de Rada, O.E.S.A. (1550-1575). Londres, Hakluyt Society, 1953, XCI+388p., il., 3 f. map. desdobr., il.
  • Surprisal of Goa’s Bar (The). Londres, [s.n.], «The Mariner’s Mirror», Vol. 16, 1930, 17 p. il.
  • Two pionners of tropical medicine. Londres, The Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Councils, 1963, 36 p.
  • Vicissitudes das relações anglo portuguesas no século XVII / Vicissitudes of anglo-Portuguese relations in the 17th century. 600 anos de aliança anglo-portuguesa = 600 years of anglo-Portuguese alliance. Londres, British Broadcasting Corporation, 1973, pp. 27-30
Charles Ralph Boxer, 1904-2000 / Carlos de Azevedo
  • Fort Jesus and the Portuguese in Mombasa, 1593-1729. Londres, Hollis and Carter, 1960, 144 p., 20 il.
Charles Sellers
  • Tales from the lands of nuts and graphs : spanish and Portuguese folklore. Londres, The Leadenhall Press, 1888, 1 vol.
Charles Shaw
  • Personal memoirs and correspondence of Colonel Charles Shaw K. C. T. S., &c. of the Portuguese service and late brigadier-general, in the British Auxiliary Legion of Spain; comprising a narrative of the War for constitutional liberty in Portugal and Spain, from its commencement in 1831 to the dissolution of the British Legion in 1837. Londres, Henry Colburny, 1837, 2 vols., il.
Chauncy Maples
  • Portuguese in East Africa (The). Correspondance on the above expedition from the Rev. Chauncy Maples, Senor L. Cordeiro, and Mr. Henry E. O'Neill. Manchester, Society's Journal, «The Journal of the Manchester Geographical Society» 1886, pp. 205-219, 1 mapa desdobr., il.
Chevalier de Mascarenhas
  • An appeal to the world in general, and to the British Nation in particular, in vindication of the humanity and honour of the Portuguese nation. Bristol, Print. Newcombe, 189-, 84 p.
Clive Willis
  • Henry the Navigator'Elder Brother. Oxford, Modern Humanities Research Association, «Portuguese Studies», Vol. 8, 1992, pp. 139-149
Conde de Lavradio
  • Portuguese Colonies (The). A Lecture Delivered by 4º Count de Lavradio. Londres, Anglo-Portuguese Society, 1940, 14 p., mapa desdobr.
  • Portuguese Colonies (The). Londres, Waterlow & Sons, 18--, 14 p.
D. P. Abraham
  • Maramuca.Exercice in the combined use of Portuguese records and oral tradition (An). Londres, «Journal of African History», Vol. 2, Nº 2, 1961, pp. 211-225
Dan Stanislawski
  • Livelihood of the ordinary people of the Portuguese Algarve (The). In Culture in History, Essays in honour of Paul Radin. Londres, [s.n.], 19--, pp. 253-280
David Birmingham
  • Portuguese conquest of Angola (The). Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1965, VII+50 p., map., il.
  • Trade and conflict in Angola. The Mbundu and their neighbours under the influence of the Portuguese, 1483-1790. Oxford, The Clarendon Press, 1966, XVI+178 p., il.
David Corkill
  • Development of the Portuguese Economy. A Case of Europeanization (The). Londres / Nova Iorque, Routledge, 1999, XXII+260 p.
  • Portuguese Economy Since 1974 (The). Edimburgo, Edinburgh University Press, 1993, XVI+172 p.
Dionisia Empaytaz, 1922-
  • Brief history of Portuguese poetry up to Camoens (1580). Londres, Edição de Autor, 2012, 6 f.
Douglas Porch
  • Portuguese Armed Forces and the Revolution (The). Londres, Croom Helm, 1977, 273 p.
E. Dora Earthy
  • Valenge women. The social and economic life of the Valenge women of Portuguese East Africa. An ethnographic study. Introd. A. C. Haddon. Londres, Frank Cass, 1968, 251 p., XXIII il.
Edgar Prestage, 1869-1951
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Edgar Prestage, 1869-1951 / Karl Mellander
  • Diplomatic and commercial relations of Sweden and Portugal from 1641 to 1670 (The). Watford, Voss and Michael, 1930, XII+123 p.
Edite Noivo
  • Inside ethnic families. Three generations of Portuguese-Canadians. Londres, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1999, 6+164 p.
Edmund B. D'Auvergne
  • Bride of two kings (The). A forgotten tragedy of the Portuguese court. Londres, Hutchinson, 1910, X+320 p., 13 il.
Eduardo Brasão
  • Anglo-Portuguese alliance (The). Londres, Sylvan Press, 1957, 55 p., il.
  • Paper on the history of Portuguese diplomatic relations with China (A). Francisco de Assis Pacheco de Sampaio His Majesty's Envoy 1752-1753. Hong-Kong, Portuguese Institute of Hong Kong, 1949, III+37 p.
Edward McMurdo
  • History of Portugal, from the commencement of the monarchy to the reign of Alfonso III (The). Compiled from Portuguese histories by Edward McMurdo. Londres, Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, 1888-1889, 2 vols.
F. Reginald Statham
  • Vasco da Gama : A cantata for solo voices, chorus, and orchestra. Londres / Nova Iorque, Novello Ewer, 1895, 4 fls., 98 p.
F. W. Raikes
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Fátima M. Sousa / Annick Bricaud
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Francis A. Dutra
  • Maritime profession and membership in the Portuguese military orders in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries (The). Londres, Edição de Autor, 197-, pp. 89-100
Francisco Alcoforado
  • An historical account of the discovery of the island of Madeira, Abridged from the Portuguese Original. To which is added, An Account of the present State of the Island in a letter to a friend. Londres, printed for J. Payne, and J. Bouquet, in Pater Noster Row, 1750, X+88 p. Extracts from a voyage to Suratt in the year 1689 / by J. Ovington, M. A. chaplain to his Majesty, pp. 74-88
Franz Boas / C. Kamba Simango
  • Tales and proverbs of the vancdau of Portuguese South Africa. Londres, Edição de Autor, 19--, pp. 151-204
Frederick Charles Danvers, 1833-1906
  • Portuguese in India (The). Being a history of the rise and decline of their eastern empire. Londres, W. H. Allen, 1894, 2 vols., mapa, il.
  • Portuguese in India (The). Being a history of the rise and decline of their eastern empire. Londres, Frank Cass, 1966, 2 vols., il.
  • Report to the Secretary of State for India in Council on the Portuguese records relating to the East Indies, contained in the Archivo da Torre do Tombo, and the public libraries at Lisbon and Evora. Londres, printed by Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1892, XI+209, p., mapa desdobr., il.
Friedrich Bouterwek, 1766-1828
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G. Araújo
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G. S. P. Freeman-Grenville
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Genesta Hamilton
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George B. Clemens
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George Bryan Souza
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George Davidson Winius, 1928-
  • Fatal History of Portuguese Ceylon (The). Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1971, XXI+215 p.
George MacCall Theal, 1837-1919
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George Scott
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Gerald Jacob Bender
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Gervase Clarence-Smith
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Haham Moses Gaster, Rev.
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Heliodoro Jacinto de Araújo Carneiro, 1776-1849
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Henrique José Monteiro de Mendonça
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Henry Richard Fox Bourne
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Henry Salt, Esq. F. R. S.
  • Voyage to Abyssinia, and travels into the interior of that country... in years 1809 and 1810 (A). In which are included, an account of the Portuguese settlements on the East Coast of Africa, visited in the course of the voyage ; a concise narrative of late events in Arabia felix ; some particulars respecting the aboriginal african tribes, extending from Mosambique to the borders of Egypt... Londres, printed for F. C. and J. Rivington, 1814, XI+506+LXXV p., il., grav., mapas
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J. Carrington da Costa
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