To increase its range of distance learning courses, Camões, I.P. collaborates with higher education organisations, experts and researchers in many areas.

Thus, Portuguese as a foreign language (used mainly for work and other aspects of daily life) is developed by researchers operating in this area under Camões, I.P.’s scientific-didactic guidance, with the same happening in some specific areas of teacher training, most notably the teaching of Portuguese as heritage language, mobile technologies for teaching Portuguese at level 2 and creative writing.

University partnerships are established for:

  • Teacher training, with partnerships currently in place with the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Reading in the Digital Age), University of Coimbra (Learning and Teaching Portuguese as Non-native Language) and the Open University (Pragmatic Linguistics and Portuguese Teaching: Oral and Written Communication; Tense and Aspect of the Portuguese Language) and


  • Specialised courses, namely with the University of Lisbon (Translation and Linguistic Information Technologies), University of Aveiro (Introduction to International Development Co-operation, Good Governance, Citizenship and Human Rights) and University of Bologna, in conjunction with the existing Eduardo Lourenço academic chair (Portugal and post-colonialism; concepts, contexts and voices; post-colonial studies: the South Atlantic).