Language and Culture results

Summary – 10 Main results 2015 

  • The dissemination, promotion and teaching of Portuguese language and culture in 84 countries;
  • The provision of support to 1,198 cultural actions through the external network, representing an increase of 11.9% compared with the previous year;
  • The shipping of bibliographic, audiovisual and exhibition nuclei to 32 countries in a total of 18,488 exhibits;
  • Co-operation with 357 higher education institutions and international organisations;
  • The operation of the official network of nursery, primary and secondary schools across 13 countries with 314 Camões, I.P. official teachers, with as many as 2,922 courses in 1,153 institutions and reaching 44,302 students;
  • The operation of the supported network of nursery, primary and secondary schools across 4 countries (Australia, Canada, USA and Venezuela) with 501 local teachers in 216 different institutions and reaching 23,924 students;
  • The provision of basic training of 3,704 teachers with Portuguese as a foreign language;
  • The continuous training of Portuguese language teachers, as well as heritage and second language, reaching 3,948 teachers, representing an increase of 46% compared with the previous year;
  • The organisation of 355 activities promoting reading which involved 39,052 students;
  • The number of certifications under the Teaching Portuguese Abroad (EPE) in 15 countries, performed by 3,919 students, in 65 examination centres.