Planning and Management

In the area of Planning and Management, one of the biggest challenges is being able to give an effective response to the intense activity of the Institute, whilst implementing a strategy to continuously and consistently modernise and innovate the services.

In this context, the action is based on a continuous strengthening of the coherence and interface between the various management instruments, improving the control mechanisms of efficiency and quality of public expenditure. The same applies to the continuous improvement of procedures for aligning with the standards of the Quality Management System (SGQ) which process led to the obtaining of the certification of Camões, I.P. on 23 December 2015.

The result of the organisational evaluation carried out by external bodies – Tribunal de Contas (TdC) and Inspeção Geral de Finanças (IGF) – through audits of the internal control system of Camões, I.P. reflects the importance the Institute gives to management oriented results in the five key areas: (i) organisational development; (ii) management and training of human resources; (iii) management, budget and asset execution; (iv) management of information technologies and (v) legal and dispute support.

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Summary – 10 Main results - 2015

  • Certification by the European Commission of the six pillars of the Internal Control System that guarantees the community funding of delegated co-operation projects;
  • Certification of the Quality Management System of Camões, I.P. – Standard ISO 9001:2008 which recognizes the compliance of the procedures in accordance with international quality standards;
  • The design and implementation of the Strategic Integrated Training Plan (PeFi), which establishes the guidelines to be followed, monitoring procedures, control and evaluation of the impact of the training;
  • The design and implementation of the Strategic Information Technologies and Communication Plan (PeTIC) which defines the guidelines of a digital strategy for the Institute;
  • The implementation of the Integrated Evaluation System (SIADAP 1, SIADAP 2 and SIADAP 3) based on the Balanced ScoreCard electronic platform;
  • Customization and implementation of the Budget Execution Control instrument in GeRFiP enabling the analytical management and control of the budget;
  • Adherence to the IGCP electronic statement system enabling the daily automatic integration of bank transactions with the accounting records residing in GeRFiP;
  • The implementation of the Inventory and Asset Valuation System of Camões, I.P. which enables the setting up of an inventory management and asset control;
  • The Specialised Technical Support Programme for Public Finances, for training the external network resources regarding the areas of accounting, assets and budget;
  • The implementation of the DataJuris system which enables up to date and annotated access to the complete national legal corpus.