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Guidelines for the Submission of Proposals 

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Notice of Opening


Development Co-operation Projects of NGDOs 2017

The application for proposals for Development Co-operation Projects of NGDOs is open. The period for the submission of proposals ends on 14 March 2017, the total amount defined for co-financing being €1,700,000.00.

Project proposals must be submitted in accordance with the "Eligibility Criteria" and other rules in force.

Under the terms of the "Eligibility Criteria", the importance of partnerships of various kinds must be emphasised, especially between NGDOs of different sizes, and the fact that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are part of the context to be taken into account.

Notice of opening 


Notice of opening of applications


Procedures for Submission of Applications for Development Co-operation and Education Projects of NGDOs

Under the funding lines of Development Co-operation and Education Projects, NGDOs can submit projects to Camões, I.P.

For this purpose, the rules and criteria agreed with the Portuguese Platform for NGDOs and established by the following documents must be followed: