Master’s in Agronomy and Natural Resources

DAC Sector: Education

Global aim

To improve higher education in Cape Verde, particularly through training and preparing future students at Cape Verde University in agronomy.

Millennium Development Goals

  • Goal 1 – Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger;
  • Goal 3 – Promote gender equality and empower women;
  • Goal 8 – Global partnership for development


  • Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, I.P.,
  • CENTROP – Centro de Estudos Tropicais para o Desenvolvimento,Universidade de Cabo Verde


  • CENTROP – Centro de Estudos Tropicais para o Desenvolvimento e Universidade de Cabo Verde

Latest Developments

This project seeks to resolve some of the key issues identified by Cape Verde University to determine the process of consolidation and credibility among the Cape Verde population, especially within the international scientific community:

  • The problem of institutional capacity building, particularly the training of teachers and researchers who lead student and research activities;
  • The problem regarding the quality of course studies, structured according to the real needs of the country, as well as educational content, current teaching-learning strategies and the Bologna guidelines as a means of ensuring full credibility and internationalisation.

A partnership was established between the parties involved in this project that lasted from 2009-2013. Funding was provided in full under IPAD to the amount of €190,000, which was used to meet the costs of establishing a master’s degree course in Cape Verde (including Portuguese teaching costs), drafting thesis (including supervisors’ fees and masters students travel costs to Portugal), laboratory equipment, editing and publishing costs.

At the beginning, 17 students were enrolled, 13 of whom successfully completed the first part curriculum and were able to prepare their master's thesis. By the end of 2013, the public dissertations of these same theses had already been defended. The editing and publication of a book summarising these theses and related articles followed soon.

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